Our Vision

  • Hormones &Diabetes Care is a specialized clinic to optimally treat patients with diabetes and all hormonal disorders. We promise to use the latest medical knowledge and tools to achieve this
  • All the doctors working in the clinic are well trained to handle all medical problems under the supervision of Dr Uday Phadke
  • This clinic follows a comprehensive team care approach: this means that you will be evaluated and counseled by health educator, nutrition specialist, an associate medical consultant and then finally by Dr Uday Phadke. This will allow you to spend more time with the treatment team and get answers to all the queries you may have about your medical problems. Once all the basic health information is recorded and the basic problems/doubts have been sorted out, Dr Uday Phadke will be in a better position to plan an optimal therapy plan for you
  • Treatment of diabetes/hormonal disorders is often long term/lifelong and it is our aim that patients participate in their own care wholeheartedly and with full information about the treatment modalities that are being employed. To achieve this, patients need to acquire knowledge about their disease. We provide educational videos and relevant reading material for this purpose
  • We hope that empowerment and motivation will help you achieve your treatment goals
  • All our staff have been instructed to be polite to the patients and we also ask patients to be courteous with our staff


We prefer seeing patients with prior appointments and we will do our best to stick to timings allotted but sometimes we may have to alter the sequence to accommodate very ill, disabled or elderly persons. We seek your understanding in this matter. We also understand that at times you may have to walk into the clinic without an appointment for urgent medical or personal reasons. Please meet the reception staff or the clinic co-ordinator and ask for help.


Consultation Fees: 1600 Rs + Registration Charges


For emergencies (24×7) call (020) 30244100 Galaxy Hospital or (020) 66455100 Ruby Hall Clinic


  • Consultation for diabetes and all types of hormone disorders like thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pituitary, menstrual disorders, obesity, excessive body hair, growth, puberty disorders, growth related issues, osteoporosis etc.
  • Education and training for self management of diabetes by a qualified and trained diabetes educator
  • Personalized diet planning for treating diabetes and obesity by a qualified Nutrition Specialist
  • Laboratory facilities to test hormones and diabetes related tests.
  • Eye(fundus) photograph for evaluation of diabetic eye disease
  • ECG and assessment of leg blood circulation with Doppler
  • Nerve testing
  • Mobile app for patients to record their sugars and BP and communicate with us for changes in treatment. This is especially helpful for patients on insulin and those who live away from Pune.
  • Disease specific educational material for reading and also some latest medical news and tips on our website : www.drudayphadke.com
  • Pump Installation & Training